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The Newsroom Season 3 Teaser

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Mackenzie McHale//Red Team III

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together, they stand alone

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inspired by (x) and (x)

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we reported the news

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Newsroom AU Challenge

Detective AU 
When three bodies mysteriously appear along the river in the dead of night Detective Will McAvoy realises he might be up against his toughest adversary yet. Despite his hesitations, he calls on the forces best profiler, and his ex-partner and flame, Detective Mackenzie McHale in the hope that her keen eye and unconventional methods might unveil the sinister web the murderer has woven. 

But as the case deepens, he and Mackenzie’s rocky relationship and Will’s fascination with the beautiful and bold Clarissa Montague threatens to break them apart once more. Mackenzie doesn’t trust the the dazzling socialite, but will her warnings come too late?

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The Newsroom 2x9: Election Night Part II
"I didn’t return it, because I’m in love with you"(2/2)

-Shut it.

reblogging because of reasons and those reasons are:

  • her stiff little arms when he first kisses her (that cracks my husband UP every time)
  • the way he STILL HAS THE RING BOXES IN HIS HAND like why didn’t he drop them or something idk
  • his huge hand on the back of her head, with that fucking ring glittering through her hair
  • the close-talking with the ‘took you long enough’/’seriously?’
  • the way she grabs on his jacket and pulls him closer
  • the way he backs her up against that wall and she’s smiling at him and he’s looking like her like he suddenly remembered how to stop shredding paper be happy
  • the way her fingers slide along the back of his hair and his hand with the ring in it brushes her neck and she folds her fingers around his hand and just holds it, it’s so tender and intimate and OH MY GOD KILL ME NOW